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***Web Casinos***

For hundreds of years European’s elite was accustomed to traveling to exclusive casinos where they could enjoy gaming activities in a rarefied atmosphere of gambling and socializing as they competed for cash prizes. Now, thanks to web casinos, gamers have a more convenient and accessible casino venue that allows them all of the benefits of casino entertainment that they can experience from the comfort of their own home.

Online casinos vary widely – some specialize in specific types of games while others offer all types of online casino games. There are web-based flash casino sites in which all of the games are offered on the casino’s browser and there are casinos that supplement the Instant Casino platform with a Download platform for downloaded casino games and a mobile platform on which mobile users can play at their leisure.

All Slots Casino

All Slots

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Royal Vegas

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All Jackpots

All Jackpots

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Wild Jack Casino

Wild Jack

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Wintingo Casino


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Euro Palace Casino

Euro Palace

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7 Sultans Casino

7 Sultans

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The variety of options that are available to online gamers ensures that everyone will be able to find an online casino setting that meets their personal needs and expectations.

***And then came the 21st Century, Smartphones and Tablets***

Right on the heels of developing outstanding PC and laptop versions of the online casinos – download, instant and live dealer – the game developers have now perfected the mobile version of their casinos. Although smaller – 100+ mobile games as opposed to 600+ online games – the mobile version has its obvious advantage. It goes with you – anywhere and anytime. Already have an account at the casino? Superb – no need to open a new account. Your account will operate on both PC and mobile versions of the casino. Well over half the new accounts opened at casinos these days are opened on mobile devices – phone, phablet and tablet. Mobile is no longer the future – it’s the present!

***History of Casino Games***

People have been playing casino games for hundreds of years. The history of casino games is a long one which stretches back to the 1700s when the first casinos were built on the French Riviera. These casinos were meant to accommodate the royalty and high-born of European society.

Over the years, casino gaming spread to other areas of the world. The entire city of Las Vegas Nevada, in the United States, was built around the idea that common people love to engage in gaming entertainment as much as Europe’s wealthiest citizens and that they would be willing to travel and pay for accommodations to participate in this type of activity. From Marcu and Singapore in Asia to Australia’s Gold Coast and throughout the UK, South America, Canada and even Africa, gambling at land

***Going Online***

In 1994 the first web casinos began to open online. These sites offered gamers the opportunity to play on their home PC from the comfort of their living room armchairs. As time went on the online casinos expanded to include both Flash Casino and Download Casino options. When mobile use started to become more widespread, many casinos added a mobile platform so that players would be able to enjoy playing for real money on their mobile device.

Today online gaming has grown to include hundreds of millions of players from almost every country in the world. Thanks to digital banking amenities, 24/7 access, a support line and other amenities, gamers turn to the online casino for some or all of their gambling pursuits.

***Online vs. Offline***

Some players participate in both web-based and land-based casino activities – often alternating between brick-and-mortar casino gambling when they have the time and money to travel to such a venue and the web casinos at other times. Others stick with the real money online casino as their gambling site of choice.

When weighing the relative advantages of online vs. offline casinos, gamers look at the following points:

  • The online casino is more convenient, offering easy access on any of the three gaming platforms at any time and from any location
  • Payouts are bigger at the online casino since the house edge is lower, due to the online casino’s almost complete elimination of fixed expenses (staffing, building expenses, etc)
  • The online casino offers all of the same games as players find at a brick-and-mortar casino
  • There are no added expenses to online casino gaming – land-based casino gambling involves additional travel and accommodations expenses as well as time lost when going on a casino vacation.
  • The online casino offers a wide range of bonuses whereas the brick-and-mortar casinos are limited in their comp points, which generally include only rebates for casino restaurant or hotel costs.

***Real Money Casino Games***

Playing at a web casino enables you to achieve payouts and rewards at any time and from any location. The web casino offers hundreds of game options including online slots, keno, craps, baccarat, scratch card, single-hand poker and multi-hand video poker, roulette, and blackjack.

Players are invited to read about the games in the game tutorials which sets out the basic rules and levels of each game, describes the features of the game and gives you an overview of the game.

You can also research tips to win though these strategies vary from game to game. Some general tips include

  • always decide on your gaming bankroll before you start playing so that you know your entertainment budget and are prepared to stick to it.
  • don’t rely on the theory that, after several losses, you’re “bound to start winning.” This theory creates an atmosphere in which the gamer increases his bets in his belief that the next play is certain to succeed and he’ll be able to recoup his lost bets. The theory is known as “Gambler’s Fallacy” which tells you what professional casino advisors think about the theory.
  • statistics note that, you’re more likely to win more at the beginning of a gaming session and lose more towards the end of a long session. So, instead of playing for a long period of time, spread out your gaming sessions into smaller sessions and start each session anew, with a new game, to increase your chances of winning.

Some tips for specific games include:

  • roulette players should choose the European, one-zero variation, over any of the two-zero versions of the game
  • regardless of the version of poker that you’re playing you should never take out insurance, which is a waste of your money
  • when you’re playing blackjack, you should take hits if your hand is below 15 but not take hits if your hand totals over 15
  • playing craps and keno gives you the lowest odds of any casino game

***Casino Promotions***

The biggest tip for playing at web casinos involves the casino promotions, which are significantly more valuable than those at land-based casinos. You should take full advantage of all of the promotions, which run concurrently and give you increased opportunities to multiply your payouts with new player bonus credits, casino cash, free spins and other rewarding types of give-aways.

The no deposit bonus at online casinos is a way for players to enjoy a free trial of the casino and some of the games. They can see how the casino works together with enjoying some of the games for free before placing their own money in bets.

These bonus promotions are awarded automatically and applied to your games, so you don’t need to enter a bonus code or do anything other than enter the casino, pick your preferred game, place your deposit and start playing.