Internet Craps Strategies

Many people who love gaming avoid the craps table, in both the brick-and-mortar casino and the Internet casino. For some reason, they just feel intimidated by the game and choose to pass up what many people believe is the most fun and challenging game around. If you are one of these people, don’t despair. The truth of the matter is that it’s not too difficult to become a “high roller” if you just learn a little craps strategy.

How much luck do you need to play craps? It’s a fair question. Of course, we can all sing “luck be a lady tonight” from Guys and Dolls, but doing so doesn’t really answer the question of how much is the outcome of Internet craps determined by sheer chance, and how much is based on the adoption and execution of a sound Craps strategy. Let’s delve into this subject and see what we can come up with.

Throwing Those Craps Dice — What Is Luck?

There are many voices that say that the element of luck does not exist. They say that when the outcome of an event is in doubt, it will either happen in accord with the desires of any particular person or against them. How it turns out depends on sheer chance. There is no way to accurately predict an unknown outcome. For example, let’s say you flip a coin and you want it to land on “heads.” The anti-luck proponents would tell you that the chance of getting heads is exactly 50 percent. That even if you seem to be the luckiest person in the world, the probability is based on a law of nature and that you can exercise no influence over it.

Others would argue that some people are just naturally luckier. Although no one has been able to prove how a lucky person exercises control over an event, they say the proof is in the pudding. A lucky person who wants the coin to land on heads will have a higher probability of it landing on heads.

Although they offer no scientific proof, we all know people who are lucky and people who are unlucky. The lucky ones play craps on the Internet and do very well. But what should you do if you are either naturally unlucky or don’t believe that real luck exists?

Playing Craps — The Strategy

Here is where a strategy comes in to place. A strategy is a long term plan that is designed to increase the probability of a certain event happening. For example, if you want to meet someone special, you can count on luck and just hang out in bars asking everyone you meet if they want to go out with you.

What would increase your odds is if you adopted a strategy. Like anything else in life, having a plan is paramount to winning, no matter what the odds.

Craps is no different. If you adopt a strategy and stick with it, you can probably add a few percentage points to the probability that you will be a winner. What kind of Craps strategy could you adopt? There are many you can choose from.

Betting Strategies in Craps

First, you have to get the terms down. The “come out” roll is your first roll of the dice. On this roll, you can either win instantly, lose instantly, or set your “point”, the number that you will now be aiming for. What’s interesting is how the game switches after the come out roll.

Understanding the Craps Bet

What this means is that everyone wants a “lucky seven” or an eleven on that first come out roll. If either number comes up, you win. No questions asked. Whatever you bet on the “pass line” is now double. All in the time it takes you to throw two little white cubes down a green felt table (or a virtual green felt table if you are playing online). Unlike other games, where winning on the very start of the game is rare, seven is actually the most common number that can be rolled with two dice! You can roll a seven with a six and a one, a five and a two, a four and a three, and the reverse numbers. So there are actually 6 chances to roll a seven, which is not too bad.

Let’s say you don’t roll a seven on the come out roll. Now here is where things get interesting. Whatever number you rolled (except the two, three, and twelve: the instant losers!), now become your “point”, the number you will try and roll again. Those sevens that you were praying for, now you want to avoid them at all costs. Lucky seven becomes unlucky seven!

A Different Craps Strategy — Betting with the House

What to be sneaky? Craps is one of the only Internet casino games where you can team up with the “house.” That’s right. You can place a “Don’t Pass” bet which means you are betting on the shooter losing! You win if a two, three, or twelve comes up and lose if a lucky seven or eleven is the first roll. After a point is set, you are now hoping that a seven comes up. The shooter loses and you win.

Since a slight edge goes to the house in every game, it really can make sense to bet “Don’t Pass.” However, this is easier online than in the casinos. Think about it. Everyone is crowded round the table screaming with excitement for the point to come up. A seven is rolled. Everyone groans while you can’t help smiling and pocketing your winnings. No, the Don’t Pass better is more comfortable playing on the Internet. At First Web Internet Casino, no one will glare at you or make nasty remarks when you celebrate your win on the Don’t Pass bet.

A Simple Craps Strategy

Try just betting the “pass line” every time and see what your long term prospects are. Or maybe bet with the house and against the table by looking for snake eyes and putting your money on the “Don’t Pass” line. Some even pick a common number (like an “8”) and bet straight up for that number to come up before seven.

All these Craps strategies are fine, but the key is to stick with it. Don’t change strategies every day. You will never see what is working and what is not. Remember these simple strategies and you do not have to be intimidated by the big green felt table. The main thing is to have a good time. Know how much you are comfortable wagering and get ready for an exciting game that can be played in a few minutes or over the course of a few hours. That’s the great thing about playing craps, you decide for yourself how much to play.

Just remember the most important thing is to have fun while playing Internet craps.