Keno on the Internet

Keno is a simple game with lots of fun and suspense. You just pick anywhere from one to fifteen lucky numbers. If the computer selects the same numbers that you picked, you win at keno. The more numbers you match, the more you win. When you play keno in an Internet casino, you can feel the suspense build as the winning keno numbers roll out one by one and you check to see if they match your lucky numbers.

Internet Keno — A Little Game with a Big History

Since the beginning of the written word, there has been Keno. The Chinese emperor, over two millennia ago, used Keno to raise money for his army — every little contribution made a big difference — and was able to provide his soldiers with the weapons and supplies they needed to win the war. Some say Keno winnings were used to build the Great Wall of China. The fact is, Keno history goes back at least to early China, where cards with pictures were used to teach children to read in rhymes.

It was Chinese immigrants who brought the game of Keno into the United States, when they entered the U.S. in order to work on the railways in the 1800’s. As one of the oldest casino games, Keno’s popularity in the Southern United States dates back to before the War Between the States. Legalized in Nevada in 1931 under the pretext that it was a horse race game and not an actual casino game, Keno has always been the best way to bet small and win big.

Playing Internet Keno

The widespread success of the Internet and the introduction of Internet casinos provide the opportunity for a player to enjoy the Keno game from the comfort and convenience of his or her home. Playing Keno on the Internet removes any undesirable distractions, such as noise and perhaps offers of alcoholic beverages from the gambling area. This allows the player to focus attention and concentrate on pure Keno and good entertainment. However, it is not just the convenience aspect that has made Internet Keno so popular. As with several other top casino games, Keno may be played online for free. In this way, an Internet casino visitor may play just for pure fun, or for practice as he learns how to play Keno. Once a player decides to take chances and play Internet Keno for real money, there is the attractive possibility to make large winnings, even when placing a relatively small bet.

Place a Small Keno Bet — and Be Ready to Win Big

Keno is a popular number lottery-type game, based on chance. It is a fairly simple game to learn and fun to play. Unlike many Internet casino games, such as Internet Blackjack, Keno lets you win big with a small amount. A moderate bet and the right numbers can win you a big Keno jackpot in just one game! If you pick fifteen numbers correctly, you win 10,000 times the amount of your bet. If you bet $10, you can win $100,000. That would certainly be an Internet Keno game to remember.

The strategy of Keno is simply to understand the game basics and have fun. Just log on to the Internet Keno game, take a few minutes to look at the payouts and odds, pick your numbers — and you’re on your way.

Keno at First Web Internet Casino

Keno at First Web Internet Casino isn’t just a game — it’s a gaming adventure. Our Keno games are made by Microgaming, which means more than just safe and secure fair play. Microgaming Keno at First Web means:

  • Realistic 3-D Keno Play
  • Casino-Style Keno Sound-Effects
  • Faster Keno Play
  • Exciting Keno Graphics
  • Full-Screen Keno

One matter to which a player should pay attention however is to make sure that a secure casino site like First Web Casino has been selected for the game. The success of this very old game and its lasting durability over the years are perhaps due to the game’s simplicity. This does seem to suggest that the attractive game of Keno has made a future for itself in the Internet casino world for many years to come.