Scratch Cards: Not Just another Game!

Scratch cards have had an extremely important role in the economies of the United States from the very beginning of their creation over thirty years ago. The revenues that scratch cards have brought in have paid for many public needs, including schools and public necessities. To understand the importance of the scratch cards in modern society, it helps to know the history of scratch cards from the earliest lotteries to the modern Internet scratch card.

Where did it all begin? Scratch Card Early History

Society had always understood the vast potential benefits that can be found through lotteries. For this reason, we can see the use of lotteries for different causes spanning thousands of years throughout history! Although the scratch card is a relatively new form of lottery, it can be seen as yet another ingenious innovation in the long history of the lottery!

Scratch cards did not simply appear. They were a culmination of many events in the past, preparing for their inception. Over two thousand years ago, during the Han Dynasty, it is written that a man by the name of Cheung Leung created a lottery in order to raise funds to fight against a siege that had been laid on his city. The people of the city, having become fed up with paying the price from their own pockets for years, no longer wanted to foot the bill.

In order to counter that, Cheung Leung created the lottery, which became a huge success. Not only did it fund the war, and lead to the victory of the city over their oppressors, but it even helped to pay for part of the building of the Great Wall of China!

Lotteries and the Founding of the United States

Lotteries have a strong history with the United States as well. Lotteries were used to raise money and cover the costs of many different things. In Jamestown, lotteries earned a revenue of about 8,000 Pounds yearly, which helped pay for the passages of many settlers to the New World! When the US fought for her independence in 1776, lotteries were used to help to cover the costs of the Revolutionary War.

If it wasn’t for the use of these lotteries, the US would probably have never become what they are today! Thomas Jefferson himself said that lotteries were the best form of taxes! He believed that in this way, only those who were willing to paid, while those who were not interested did not. This just goes to show the significance that lotteries had on the founding of the United States of America!

The US was literally built upon the revenues of the lottery. This was a fun and exciting way for people to involve in contributing to their country while at the same time, having a chance to strike it rich. Even during the late 19th centuries, lotteries were used to build public schools and other public buildings.

The Dark Ages for Lottery Tickets

In the early 20th century the United States entered into a dark period of prohibition. During this period, one can simply imagine, if it was considered fun, then, consider it illegal. Because of the Prohibition, gambling was made into an illegal activity, and with it, lotteries became illegal. It was a very unfortunate time, in which policy makers literally shot themselves in the feet. Lotteries were such a strong potential money maker for the US and the states individually, that by making it illegal, they may have actually helped to slow economic growth!

The First Scratch Cards

Years after the ban on lotteries ended, in 1974 to be exact, the first instant lottery was created by Scientific Games for the Massachusetts lottery. Within a short period of time these instant win scratch cards became immensely popular, being integrated within a period of a few short years into most state lotteries. These scratch tickets, like their early lottery predecessors, have helped to fund many state public projects. The immense popularity of the scratch cards has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in public revenues over the years!

The Creation of Internet Scratch Cards

Now, with Internet access and the creation of Internet casinos, the scratch card has reached even more homes, and gained even higher popularity. Although the Internet scratch cards do not go to fund public expenses, they are extremely popular Internet casino games, as one does not even need to leave the house to play and win! Millions of people now play scratch card games at First Web Internet Casino and other Internet casinos.

Taxes, taxes, taxes!

Throughout the long history of gambling, lotteries and the modern day scratch cards have been, by far, the most beneficial to society. This form of gaming was never simply for the wealthy, but available for all who were interested in playing. Not only was Thomas Jefferson right when he said that lotteries are the best form of tax, due to the choice of being involved, but it is by far the most fun tax available. And now, with scratch cards available in the Internet casino, they are more fun than ever!