Sic Bo Is Sweeping the World!

What? You have never heard of Sic Bo? Listen, this is a great game that you have to try. It used to be quite rare, but now many Internet casinos and offline casinos have areas where you can play Sic Bo. They better keep expanding those areas because this is a really fun game!

The Origins of Sic Bo

Sic Bo (Chinese for “three dice”) has many names. It is sometimes referred to as Tai Sai, (Chinese for “rice bowl”) or Dai Siu, (Mandarin Tai Chi for “Fabulous game where you try and predict the outcome of throwing dice while resting comfortably and enjoying a cold drink.”) It was invented along with the martial arts thousands of years ago in ancient China. In fact, historians say that Sic Bo is actually older than fried wontons! The history of Sic Bo goes back a long long way.

Sic Bo on the Internet

Today, most Sic Bo is played over the Internet. And it’s easy to learn how to play Internet Sic Bo online. Each round, you throw three virtual dice. You bet on the many different outcomes. The computer tells you whether you have won or lost and keeps track of your credits. The amount you can win depends on the odds of your bet.

For example, you can bet “Big” in Internet Sic Bo. What that means is that you are betting that when you add up the total of the three dice, it will equal a number from 11 to 17, not counting any triples (triple 5s equal 15, but do not win on a standard “big” bet.) Doesn’t sound that hard, right? Actually the odds of hitting a number great than 11 on three dice, excluding triples, is close to 50 percent. Almost half the time, you will win by betting on Big. That is why “Big” pays you a one-to-one payout. Bet $10, you will get an additional $10 back for winning.

Internet Sic Bo Betting Options

The betting options of Internet Sic Bo remind one of Internet Roulette. You can bet on a large group of numbers like “Big” or “Small”, or you can take a risk and bet on something which will pay a lot but wins less often. You could bet on triple 3s (or choose any triple). This bet it pays 180 to 1! So for every dollar you bet, you would get $180 back. Not bad for spending some time at the Internet casino with your computer.

When you play Sic Bo on the Internet you will find that there are as many betting options as there are possible dice results. Want to bet that a 6 will show up on at least one of the dice? Go ahead. How about betting on any double? You can do it. There are even options to bet that the dice when added up will equal a specific number between 3 and 18.

As you can see, this game does not take a long time to learn. There is no steep “learning curve” associated with Sic Bo. What you see is what you get. So give it a roll. It is far less confusing than craps and has even more choices than roulette. And one more thing, it does not need to be played on a green felt table. Try Internet Sic Bo at First Web Casino for something new and very exciting.