Table Games — The Backbone of the Casino

Casinos originally opened for business with table games only: Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and Twenty-One (later known as Blackjack) were the first and most popular. To this day, table games are an integral part of the casino.

What Are Table Games?

Table games are casino gambling games, generally played with decks of cards, dice, or other gaming equipment.

Blackjack (also known as 21 or Pontoon), poker, baccarat, and casino war are all played with decks of cards. Craps is played with two dice, and sic bo with three. Roulette has its own special equipment comprising the roulette wheel and roulette ball.

The table in casino table games is generally covered in red or green felt, with a printed layout indicating the areas for players to place their bets. Bets are generally made in the form of chips placed in the designated areas. The felt will also often have markings indicating the seating locations for the players.

Internet Casino Table Games

Table games can also be played at Internet casinos. But then the ambience and atmosphere is completely different. The dealer is the computer, and it is very easy to be a solitary player at Internet table games. The development of software for Internet casinos has enabled the Internet table games to actually catch the “feel” of a real casino with bright graphics and casino-like sounds.

One major difference, however, is that there is always room at the table whenever you want to play in an Internet casino; in a land-based casino, if it is crowded, you sometimes have to wait until a seat becomes available. FirstWeb Casino offers a huge selection of no-waiting Internet table games, including:

In recent years, video poker and slot machine games have grown in popularity and today they often account for more than 50 percent of a casino’s revenue. Nevertheless, table games are here to stay and will always be considered the backbone of any land-based or Internet casino.