Video Poker on the Internet

Video Poker is an Internet casino game based on five-card draw poker. It is an exciting game that requires a mix of good luck and good strategy to win. First Web Internet Casino has a large selection of video poker games you can play just for fun or for real money payouts.

The Origin of Video Poker

Video Poker machines were first introduced into casinos in the mid 70’s, although the 1970’s video pokers didn’t look anything like those we find today. They became popular at first with players who felt a bit afraid of playing at poker tables with more practiced and expert players. Sitting alone and playing only against the dealer seemed to them a more relaxing way to play poker. Video poker is also a faster game, since the player does not have to sit around and wait for other players to make their bets and play their hands.

How to Play Video Poker

Playing video poker on the Internet is relatively simple: The player places a bet, clicks the Deal button, and is given five cards. He then chooses which cards he wishes to keep by clicking the Hold button. Those cards that do not show a Hold on them will be removed and replaced with new cards. The video poker machine will then evaluate the hand and will pay out if the hand matches one of the winning poker hands in the posted pay schedule. In most Internet video poker games, payouts start with a pair of jacks and get bigger for the better poker hands.

Video Poker Variations

Over the years, some very intriguing variations of video poker have developed. There is the “Deuces Wild” video poker game in which all twos are wild and can be substituted for any card in the deck in order to make a better hand. Then there is the “Double Bonus” variation with a bonus payout for four aces. There is also a “Double Double Bonus” which offers bonuses for different four-of-a-kind combinations. In fact, there are so many variations that everyone can find an Internet video poker game that is just right for him.

Video Poker in the Internet Casinos

Video poker really became popular when it showed up at Internet casinos. The advanced computer technology available for Internet gambling allowed for the introduction of many really wild and exciting video poker games. To name a few: Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, All American, Double Joker — and more. The Internet video poker games are very imaginative.

Video poker is now one of the most popular games in the Internet casino as thousands of people find that it is an exciting game of luck and strategy with plenty of action and good chances to win.